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They know who she is
They know what she saw
They'll never stop searching


On a rainy winter night in Adelaide, Aliese Coleson witnesses a horror she’d have given the world not to see. Fleeing with her disabled son, she takes refuge in a remote cabin in the wilds of southern Tasmania.


When a light plane crashes nearby, Aliese must decide whether to save the injured pilot or let him die. Choosing to risk it, she brings the unconscious man to her cabin, who, upon waking, has no memory of who he is or why he’s there.


As he fights to regain both his strength and his past, the stranger bonds with Aliese’s emotionally fragile son, something few have been able to do. But when Kellen Reid’s memory returns Aliese is hit with a staggering truth – it’s not just the killers who have been hunting her.


And he has led them right to her door.

A gripping witness-on-the-run thriller from the heart of Tasmania.
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