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'Intense, suspenseful, breathtaking – when I start talking to the characters in the book, you can bet it has got me enthralled! '  Goodreads review 


What if the man you’re falling for is just too good to be true?


Cassidy Blaire doesn’t have time for romance. Between caring for her sick father and running The Kettle - a struggling soup kitchen in Adelaide - there’s not much time for herself . . . or to dwell on her sister, who disappeared two years ago. Which is why Cass is more surprised than anyone when she wins the attention of not one, but two attractive admirers.


After saving the life of rich and handsome Lyle Fuller in the Adelaide Hills, Cass is overwhelmed by roses, financial donations and romantic dinners. And then there’s rugged builder, Darren Travers, who has volunteered his skills to help save The Kettle. But why is Lyle so interested in a girl like her? And what are Darren’s motives for offering free labour, especially with his strange attitude toward the homeless?



Someone isn’t who they seem, and as threats and vandalism escalate to murder, Cass is going to need to work out who to trust . . . and fast.

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