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'Unbelievable tension. My heart is still pounding. I can't think of any book I've read like this one.'      Goodreads review.


No-one believes there’s a muderer out there . . .


After saving her best friend’s daughter from a snake, grieving widow, Andy Vaughn, is swept into a world of obsession where handling the world’s most venomous creatures gives her a sense of power over death. But as the new snake catcher for her small Australia country town she performs her rescues unaware that some of the scenarios she’s encountering have been staged by a madman.


Ex Sydney cop and fish out of water in this rural setting, Dev Jenkins is suspicious of the town’s recent deaths by snakebite. Striving to redeem himself for past failures, he enlists Andy’s help to track what he believes is a serial killer on the loose. But watching the woman he’s falling in love with handle deadly snakes is a thrill he can live without.


From Andy's first rescue, the killer has been watching her. Has he finally found someone with faith as pure as his own? Luring her to his hideaway with a fake emergency, he subjects her to a series of tests using snakes from his deadly collection.


To escape, Andy must ‘connect’ with the killer. But in exploring his deranged mind she makes a startling discovery – the meaning behind her own obsession.

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