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Short-listed for the U.S. Daphne du Maurier Awards for
Excellence in Suspense/Mystery Writing.


A woman on the edge

A boy on the run

A race to save each other. . .

It's been two years since Shyler O'Neil's beloved son Jesse was killed - but his final moments are as vivid to her now as they were that dreadful day. Suffering from post traumatic stress, and convinced she did not do enough to protect him, she retreats to an isolated cabin in the woods of northern Maine.


Meanwhile, Zack Ballinger - a ten-year-old boy who has never known a mother's love - finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's seen too much and is now running for his life.

Pursued into the woods, Zack soon finds himself at Shyler's cabin. He'll take whatever help she can give - even though, for some reason, she keeps calling him Jesse...


With the killers hot on their heels, 'mother' and 'son' go on the run. Protecting Zack might be Shyler's one chance at redemption.


Or she is the child's greatest threat.

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