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Coming JULY 2024

They know who she is
They know what she saw
They'll never stop searching

A gripping witness-on-the-run thriller               set in the heart of Tasmania.

After witnessing a brutal murder, Aliese Coleson goes on the run with her disable son. In a remote cabin deep in Tasmanian countryside the world feels safe once again. Until a stranger shows up at her door and she learns it's not just the killers who are hunting her.
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LYING IN WAIT is available in print as part of a three-book bind-up together with novels by Australian authors Sarah Barrie and TJ Hamilton

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Praise for Diane's books

                 Short-listed for the 2014 U.S. Daphne du Maurier Awards

‘Hester keeps the reader guessing right until the end. A terrific first novel from an author we’ll no doubt see more of.’    Sophia Whitfield, Culture Street

'. . . a big-hearted, engaging thriller.'  Goodreads review


Gripping and intense, the fast-paced plot rocketed along, keeping me on the edge of my seat.’    Goodreads review


‘Loved it!!! With plenty of action and suspense, and two awesome, feisty female protagonists . . . I thoroughly recommend this book . . .'    Goodreads review


’Surprised me with the ending; thought I had it all figure out. Boy was I wrong!’
Goodreads review

'Hester knows how to pull her readers in with tension, a fast-paced story and wonderful characters.'    Goodreads review

'Unbelievable tension. My heart is still pounding.'    Netgalley review

'Suspense filled with refreshing characters. . . . a must read.'  Netgalley

'Could not put it down. Had me guessing to the very last chapter.'  Netgalley

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